Does anyone have an entity they can trust and report this illegal monitoring of my life so I can finally have a resolution? There is a local big shot military US NAVY employee named Lyman King who has been stalking me since 2008 when a Yahoo Engineer panicked because I caught that he hacked up my Yahoo hosted website in retaliation to a smart-aleck email response I sent due to poor telephone customer service.  He didn’t know I was running an invisible Visitor IP tracking service called SiteMeter. When he found out a Cyber detective called me back and wanted to help because I knew whoever hacked my website had to have my Yahoo email password and I had a file in my email that had every password to every credit card, bank account, etc, he panicked and contacted an old colleague James E Harris Jr. who was the lead SACRAMENTO FBI CYBER DETECTIVE in 2008. From there they put in an ANONYMOUS FALSE TIP to start an Official but unwarranted FBI investigation on me to try to dig up dirt to blackmail me into not reporting the Yahoo engineers crime.  Sad thing was is that I did not even know hacking was a Federal Crime until the CROOKED FBI agent told me so.  I would never have even thought of making someone go to jail over something like that – But they were worried and when I told the Yahoo engineer my theory about what I thought was going on and how he knew Jim Harris and that if he got off my business then everything would be fine – IMMEDIATELY my computer was running like new again – I believe he spoke with Jim Harris Jr. and told him what I knew and then about 10 minutes later their illegal hacking junk was loaded right back on my computer – I guess the crooked FBI guy was SHADY and CROOKED so he thought I was like him and didn’t trust me and literally tried to have me eliminated May of 2008 the same time as POW WOW days in Orangevale, CA. where this nightmare began when I lived at 9538 Tonkin Dr. Orangevale, CA.  95662.

Anyways, after I survived the weekend where they sent a Hitman to my 10 yr old sons baseball game who I spotted and called for my husband (now Ex) to watch him, so he didn’t do what he was sent there to do.  A few minutes later I ran into his friend who just got back to the baseball field area after getting the gun out of the area and then sat down next to the sniper/hitman so I took close up pictures of both of them.  The one that got the gun and backpack out of the area looked like a Folsom PD I had seen before.  The attempted murderer had NO KIDS or FRIENDS kids playing baseball that day – I watched everything and I notice everything and that’s why I’m still alive.  Anyways, the UNWARRANTED FBI INVESTIGATION is how the US Navy EMPLOYEE became involved and became a STALKER who even 2 1/2 yrs. after the ordeal cooled down, got a job Thunder Valley Casino Resort in LINCOLN, CALIFORNIA where I became a dealer in June of 2010. Lyman King who was working in relation to the NAVAL OCEANIC COMMAND CENTER with Jim Harris Jr at the time of the FBI INVESTIGATION, obtained a job at Thunder Valley later with the sole intent of STALKING me in person.  He is so connected and such a big shot that he was allowed to sexually harass me,  manipulate my shift and hours so that I would be stuck working with him.  When I realized that he was the reason I was not allowed to go to swing shift I let him know (in a round about way) that DUDE – You are an Old white haired old man and I am 100% NOT INTERESTED.  Despite the fact that I was one of the best workers on graveyard shift and always had an EXCELLENT annual review,  My hours and Only my hours got IMMEDIATELY CUT.  Anyways I know he was involved in the #fbi investigation on me that began on April 6, 2008 and ended the end of April.  I knew exactly when it started because I remember all these white trucks with Naval decals all over my street everywhere I went. Then later AFTER the OFFICIAL +Federal Bureau of Investigation was over, at the end of April 2008, I learned how to run a CMD Netstat report to see all the IP addresses of people CONNNECTED to your computer. I traced one of the many and then all of the WHITE TRUCKS with Naval Decals from early April made sense.  The #NavalOceanicCommandCenter was still MONITORING me but this time there was NO OFFICIAL #FBI investigation still going.  And that is how the GOVT US NAVY STALKER LYMAN KING continued to ILLEGALLY MONITOR MY LIFE AND STALK ME. (at least that was his name Thunder Valley Casino Resort when I worked there) He continued to STALK me and illegally monitor my life. He is such a PERVERT. Him and his helpers have told me all along since like 2009 that they filmed my ex-husband Gary and I having sex and they spread the film around.  I have not seen this tape nor do I visit sites like that but if it is true it proves how our crooked govt spends their taxpayers money.
Back in October of 2008 though +=DIRECTV caught them because they ILLEGALLY set up a SECOND CATV internet service on my SATELLITE TV account #9399993  when I ALREADY had AT&T DSL internet service. Directv turned it over to the same people hacking me for further investigation and prosecution – So guess what happened next? Umm,  Yep again they tried to murder me,  set me up on false crimes,  poisoned my son to frame me for it. (but I got him home before they gave him enough ), pretty much everything,  But I love God and through this unbelievable ordeal with the odds so not in my favor,  He PROTECTED me and pulled me through all of it. My kids are messed up because of losing their innocence at such a young age.  Having cops banging on our front window with their batons in the dark at night while I was reading them a bedtime story. The cops were yelling OPEN UP!! OPEN UP!! – completely scaring the cr*p outta my little kids and my kids started screaming ARE THEY GOING TO KILL YOU? ARE THEY GOING TO KILL YOU? That was just one of MANY horrific events during that time when that they had to comprehend what a dark and cold world this was.  I was already 43 and it was the 1st time I experienced that dark side of the world.  They were so young and innocent when this began.  Imagine your kids oldest son aged 10, daughter age 8 and youngest son age 6 dealing with this for 6 months straight because of their mom not having the safety net of law enforcement or govt authority like most people with Civil Rights. It has been horrible.  We were doing OK though because again they covered their crimes and our local govt here in Sacramento County is about as CROOKED as they come. Recently AGAIN- they got caught setting up another ILLEGAL Comcast /  XFINITY account at 7501 Saint Philomena Way in Citrus Heights,  CA 95610 and bypassed my #ConsolidatedCommunications internet service using a WIFI SWITCH router to illegally monitor my life.  Someone was forcing the CROOKED FCC to do an investigation but instead the CROOKED FCC let them try to eliminate me instead. I live at 7505 Saint Philomena Way.  They  Even orchestrated to have Security at my job Red Hawk Casino ATTEMPT to plant drugs in my locker on 9/28/16 between 7:35pm and 8:40pm – ALL ON VIDEO.  The main security who tried to plant the drugs was Anthony the SHORT STALKY HALF BLACK LOOKING ONE WITH BRILLO PAD LOOKING BLACK HAIR.  Several of my supervisors including Jason Clarke and the Team Member Relations ERIN SWEET are involved in the cover up even though IT’S ALL ON SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE.  I left Thunder Valley Casino in October 2013 to try to get away from Lyman King but since he got caught the false arrest attempt,  murder attempt etc.  – They were trying daily to eliminate me until I began posting @Craigslist and people began watching out for me.  Please boycott Red Hawk Casino until they do an investigation – They are keeping me from speaking to anyone who can back any of this up and also not letting me talk to my old co-workers just to keep them from knowing what they did.  Just yesterday a friend that use to work at Red Hawk Casino friend requested me.  When I asked her if she read what Red Hawk did and messengered her a link to what is going on – She replied what you see in the picture.  They literally hack and monitor anyone who finds out the truth to keep them from speaking with others who don’t.  Also,  please tell everyone to NOT GO to Thunder Valley Casino – Because I reached out to them about 4 weeks ago when attempts on my life were being made – They KNOW of ALL PEOPLE he is connected because they have HIS ENTIRE BACKGROUND info and you know what they told me? Knowing he is Law enforcement connected? They told me to CALL THE POLICE.  Instead of backing me up and telling the truth that he is connected and so much so that he manipulated my job when I worked there.  Maybe if people back me up by not going there – maybe both casinos will realize you can’t RAILROAD an excellent employee.

Thank you for your help in helping me to obtain a resolution and possibly restore my Civil Rights.


PLEASE PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR ME. HERE IS THE LIVE LOCATION TRACKING LINK when I am driving.  I put this so people will watch out for me and Lyman King has to watch what he is trying to attempt next.  95% of Stalkers kill their victims, Please help me find a resolution so I can remain in the 5% who aren’t murdered.

kory baker hacked facebook - my friend read the info and ALL of her accounts got reset
kory baker hacked facebook – my friend read the info and ALL of her accounts got reset



Thank you for helping me and contacting any entity to help me find a resolution.

Sincerely. Kory Baker


Please spread this story.  I am running out of time because I believe my work @RedHawkCasino is going to use the CROOKED local courts to further violate my #CivilRights and take away my FREEDOM OF SPEECH because they have crooked govt and law in their back pocket.  I am just copying and pasting from my […]


There is something fishy going on with this case.  No one in town has anything bad to say about the Rhoden family.  Absolutely NO ONE in town had any idea of drug involvement. Yet one of the theories as to why that many people from the same family being murdered is that the drug Cartel is responsible. […]


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