There is something fishy going on with this case.  No one in town has anything bad to say about the Rhoden family.  Absolutely NO ONE in town had any idea of drug involvement. Yet one of the theories as to why that many people from the same family being murdered is that the drug Cartel is responsible.  I am just not buying that baloney.  This super small town, who claim that they all know each others business had NO KNOWLEDGE of the SUPPOSED marijuana growing business and yet SUPPOSEDLY the pot plant calculation was so high that the CARTEL wanted them dead??  Supposing it was really true, that the plants were not planted… So the Rhoden family knew they had this FEDERAL CRIME involvement and yet knowing that – How feasible is it that not only would they call the police regarding a recent road rage attack but also get involved with court proceedings against their attacker?  If I knew I had a commercial pot growing operation there is no chance that I would want to invite any law enforcement into my life nor get involved in court proceedings which could potentially cause my illegal activity to be exposed.  If my marijuana business was so huge that the Cartel felt I was infringing on their business, Why would I feel the need to work on cars for money?  Why wasn’t there any mention of cameras taken until AFTER people were wondering why a supposed commercial drug grower didn’t have cameras installed? If you are trying to solve a crime the first question is Was there any video footage that may have caught what happened and yet in this case it was DISCOVERED later that cameras were missing.  Lastly, why isn’t anyone interested in finding out more information about REBECCA ALLEN – the person who they were trying to have prosecuted in court only 2 days prior to their murders?  Who was Rebecca Allen ASSOCIATED with?  Why was she let off?


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